Sunday, 7 August 2011

Why I want People To Vote Against the Death Penalty

If you have already decided to oppose the death penalty proposal go here or copy paste this:
First of all I am one of those people that doesn't like abortion, if it can be avoided and I don't like killing people if it can be avoided. I don't agree, usually, with the taking of human life.
I have carried arms in the defence of the realm and I have witnessed a few conflicts. I appreciate that killing people happens as we all saw recently in Tottenham, sadly.
There is a justification for killing people in an emergency as the only way of protecting innocents from harm and I have witnessed that. That's what happens in war, that's why those who have seen it first hand avoid war whenever possible. As soon as you bear arms in this country, and its not a right here, nor should it be, you become a soldier and you are subject to the rules of engagement. I happen to believe that only individuals so ordered by the lawfully elected authorities should carry arms in the defence of the people.
As a Christian I can legitimately hold all of those views above. Every other world faith holds similar views although I appreciate individual Christians, including past Christian and other leaders have breached those views and laws usually in the pursuit of political power. Oliver Cromwell in this country was a good example and so was King Henry the Eighth & both of his daughters (I include Good Queen Bess). There have been Catholic leaders also who breached these beliefs and Catholic and other Christian leaders executed for opposing execution or state murder as it should properly be called.

Taking a person who is in your custody and, for whatever reason and in whatever way, killing them is, according to the tenants of my faith, murder - because it is avoidable. Because it breaches the sixth Commandment.

What if you are not a Christian or a member of one of the world's faiths?

This argument was put by the petition creator Martin Shapland to oppose any change in our current position. Currently Britain opposes the death penalty here or in any other state.

 That the British people note that only 58 nations currently use capital punishment, as opposed to 95 which have abolished it, further notes the un-retractable nature of such a sentence in incidents of miscarriages of Justice, further notes the death penalty does not reduce crime or act as a deterrent and in US states which practice capital punishment incidents of homicide are higher than US states which do not, further notes the higher cost of capital punishment compared to life imprisonment, believes that British Justice should not be in the same league as China, Iran, North Korea, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Syria which do practice capital punishment on a routine basis and that the death penalty is the ultimate denial of human rights and an affront to the values of British Justice.

I think those are all points worth considering. There are many more arguments against I appreciate.

Please just go here and vote against. Protect our Countries reputation as a civilised state.


  1. Hi Chris. You may find the post on my blog, on this subject, of interest.


  2. It was brill, many thanks for being in the fight for a better Britain!