Wednesday, 14 September 2011

MP Wants Smoking Back!

"If landlords want a section of their pubs to be for smokers, then so be it. Non-smokers are not in the pubs and a lot of smokers buy their alcohol and stay at home." Karl McCartney MP for Lincoln.
Nobody made our MP issue these bizarre statements that fly in the face of all of the health advice we have received. I am concerned, by the by, that many of our young children (who are the most vulnerable with their small lungs) are still exposed to this danger. Further more, as someone who smoked for thirty years and regularly enjoys the excellent real ales of the Golden Eagle I know he is quite inaccurate. My local has smokers and non smokers in more or less equal measure. I equally value The Gateway, both pubs are near or within my Ward. I have every sympathy for smokers, I found this a difficult addiction to break and I am disappointed that my MP is not supporting me or organisations like Phoenix or local GP's who will try to help people stop but instead he is giving succor to the tobacco companies. If you want to give up please contact your GP, All our doctors in the City are genuinely committed to help. Lets be clear, all of the reputable medical authorities now oppose smoking as likely to lead to things like lung cancer. You don't see many doctors or nurses smoking these days. While smokers should be supported Karl is wrong to offer this false and health damaging prospect of reversing the legislation brought in on a free vote of all MP's with majorities for this current law in all parties. I want Karl to support the health agenda that saves lives rather than encourages ill health. I am very disappointed in his irresponsible approach to the health of his constituents.

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  1. Wow... and I mean this quite sincerely... I am astounded. It's like he never went into a smoky pub to witness the level of contamination even one smoker can cause.