Friday, 29 July 2011

Economy still scares Lincolnshire businesses

In an excellent article that we should all take note of here it is argued by local business in Lincolnshire that the low level of economic activity is scary. In Lincolnshire where the majority of jobs come from the public sector we are seeing huge losses already from the County Council and knock on effects from that.

Lincoln Rush Hour traffic

According to the Lincolnshire Observatory almost 8000 positions will be lost over this four year period. The Government has admitted that it has pinned its hopes on economic recovery on businesses. It has not understood that its own cuts to local government spending also undermines business particularly in areas like Lincolnshire. The Observatory Report describes a 7.1% loss in construction alone as a further consequence. Business & service sectors would also face a 3.3% hit. At the General Election Labour warned that Conservative planned spending cuts (denied by them) would cause a double wammey. This would seem to have been confirmed by the business response in Patrick White's article. I think Government needs to review its position, while whoever was elected would have to have taken measures to deal with the effects of the hedge fund banking collapses I think in their inexperience Government is cutting too deep and too fast.

Opening of a new kick-about for young people in Lincoln

My concern is that this will hit services that effect our most vulnerable children and young people. Services to house and assist the 16 to 25 year old groups have resulted in a considerable fall in youth crime and has saved young lives from heroin addiction and other equally lethal cycles of behaviour. Some cuts have already occurred which local services have absorbed, largely successfully, to take up the slack by cutting salaries or staff numbers, often both. Further cuts would lead to an increase in youth crime and loss of young lives, another consequence of a regressive artificially created economic downturn. While the Government  hides behind the previous one using a blame culture approach this is neither accurate or helpful in finding a solution. It needs to take account of the emerging and forecast consequences of its policies and behave in a rational manner that assists our Lincolnshire community.

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