Wednesday, 12 July 2017

To Believe or Not To Believe! Nicky Gervaise

Just reading a piece by Ricky Gervaise on Facebook (10th July 2017):

I think its helpful to seek definitions and express views. A Christian is someone who seeks to be at one with the Trinity of Father Son and Holy Spirit and is born again in faith. That person would want to follow and practise the teachings of Jesus Christ accessable from scripture.

Given that those teachings are hugely radical (The Sermon on The Mount for example) on social issues Christians will be radical about their faith but conservative in protecting that faith as C.S. Lewis states; but also for them to “preach Christianity meant primarily to preach the Resurrection”. I suppose that I am saying that to discuss the points made by Ricky Gervaise on defining agnostics and atheism it would be useful to consider what a major alternative represents. None of this, of course, considers the great joy of experiencing God in worship, in faith or in the inspirational people you encounter.

To quote  "The Resurrection of Christ changes everything. The death of Jesus is one thing but the fact that Christ was raised from the dead is the game changer and is the key to the power of Christianity."

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